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Flukke's core business is based on cryptocurrency trading. We assembled a professional team consisting of traders, engineers and marketers. We offer a new quality level of service.

To meet the needs of Flukke customers, we provide them with favorable conditions and the highest level of service. We take the risks associated with trading and guarantee our investors a fixed daily return. The high level of crypto-market volatility allows us to operate quickly and efficiently. In addition, we have achieved the ability to distribute profits to our investors without delay.

We declare transparency and credibility to be our main strengths. The Flukke team has developed a single offer that is mutually beneficial for all investors. Feel part of our friendly Flukke team when you work with us!

The secret of our success is the long-term experience of our traders. This experience is converted into high daily profits. It allows our investors to receive stable profit from each deposit on a constant basis.

Join us today and enjoy investing!

Portfolio Composition

The best blockchain assets chosen by our fund managers

Trade History

We will constantly present some of the trades of our traders, or to be more precise, the most recent ones. The work in our company doesn't stop for a second. Our goal is to show you what is really going on inside Flukke.

Our Features

1.5% every day

Daily 1.5% profit for lifetime.

100% security

We use dedicated server
with the highest level of protection.

Instant withdrawal

The withdraw will be
processed instantly.

0% commission

Zero Flukke commission.

Experienced team

We have gathered a
professional team.

Direct ownership

Guaranteed by the blockchain.

Why do I need it?

Flukke is pleased to announce a single offer that is mutually beneficial for all investors. We take all the work on our shoulders for mutual benefit!

Each deposit brings you 1.5% daily. Infinite profit is guaranteed on a perpetual basis!

Amount to invest (BTC):
Profit % BTC $
Daily 1.5
Weekly 10.5
Monthly 45

Simple terms and conditions for the initial investing are provided: you may start with 0.01BTC!

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